Mike Keneally "Dancing Demos" (Download)

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(Released in 2014.)

Back in 2000, Mike began earnestly preparing for his most ambitious project to date, the 80-minute technicolor epic Dancing. To give his eight-piece band time to get ready for "Kamp Keneally," a communal living experience of rehearsals and recording, he swiftly laid down nine of the key songs, employing his voice, guitar, keyboard and a few overdubs. The result was a fresh, intimate first glimpse of the music that later blossomed on the finished record.

When Mike directly speaks to the listener or slows down a particularly gnarly part in these blueprint recordings, it's fun to imagine that you're one of the enthusiastic band members being introduced to the wonders of Mike's newest music.

Hearing the recently rediscovered demos for the first time in many years, Mike was delighted. "It was nice to get a new perspective on these tunes and to hear them fresh without preconceptions, much as my bandmates in BFD did at the time."

Along with the Dancing Demos digital audio download, you'll also get an exclusive digital booklet.

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Dancing Demos' songs:

  • Live In Japan (Demo)
  • We'll Be Right Back (Demo)
  • Lonely Man (Demo)
  • Ankle Bracelet (Demo)
  • Dancing (Demo)
  • Lhai-Sal (Demo)
  • I Was Not Ready For You (Demo)
  • Friends And Family (Demo)
  • Skull Bubbles (Demo)