Free Download of "Mike Keneally Free EP Volume 2"

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 Mike Keneally
"Free EP Volume 2"
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From Mike:

We are very happy to give you this here free live EP, drawn from live recordings of two wildly different versions of my old band Beer For Dolphins (tracks 1, 2, 4 and 5), plus one solo song from a live broadcast recorded for Dutch radio (track 3).

If you enjoy this sort of thing please check out the many live, unreleased recordings available to hear at Streaming infinite amounts of me for you at all times! You can even request things from our overflowing playlist.


1. Oh Angel

(NYC, May 12, 2001)


2. Lhai Sal

(NYC, May 12, 2001)


3. Pride Is A Sin

(Geldern, August 18, 2007)


4. Looking For Nina

(Philadelphia, October 25, 1998)


5. Cardboard Dog

(Philadelphia, October 25, 1998)