Free Download of "Inhale" from "Wine And Pickles"

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Mike Keneally with Lyle Workman
Free Download from Wine And Pickles
written by Mike Keneally/Lyle Workman
© 2000 Spen Music BMI/Lena May Music ASCAP

Here's a wonderful complete song that you can download for free to get an idea of what Wine And Pickles sounds like (although there's an embarrassment of variety on the album). It's track 9 (a high-quality 256k VBR mp3 and a 12.3 MB zip file download) directly from the master, and we hope you'll want to hear more.

Mike describes the genesis of the track: "Lyle [Workman] composed, performed and produced the instrumental backing track by himself, then asked me to write a vocal part for it. His track was so fantastic, I could hear the vocal parts screaming at me just listening to it and I had the lyrics and melody written inside of a couple of hours. It was recorded in 1998, and released in 2000 on Lyle's brilliant second album. I've gently begged Lyle to record an album's worth of killer instrumental tracks that I can stick vocals on, but he's been busy providing the soundtrack to the Judd Apatow cinematic empire-- and good on him -- Lyle is entirely a genius and a sweet man and deserves all great things."