Mike Keneally Band "PUP" (Download)

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(Released in 2004.)

PUP was initially issued as a cool little 35-minute CD preview of the RadioKeneally internet broadcast service, personally assembled, narrated and labeled by Mike. It features a couple of very weird MK solo recordings, a ten-minute-plus early version of "Li'l," (a song that was intended for, but never made it to, 2004's Dog), some live Mike Keneally Band recordings and more. It was originally included as a bonus to those who pre-ordered Dog. PUP is light and wispy, but fine fun nonetheless.

The download is a 67.1MB zip file containing high-quality (minimum 256k variable bit rate) mp3 audio files, compatible with all mp3 players. The files are DRM-free, meaning that there is no anti-copying code buried in them (we trust you).

The tracks on PUP are

  • Radio Keneally Part 1
  • Li'l
  • Party Poopers
  • Ding
  • Radio Keneally Part 2
  • Hello (Live)
  • Click (Live)
  • Father's Day (Live)
  • Sun Flute
  • Radio Keneally Part 3
  • The Big Ending