The Mistakes "The Mistakes" (Download)

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(Released in 1995, digitally re-released in 2009.)

Is The Mistakes the Great Lost Keneally Album? It's tempting to think so, but this fiercely eccentric foursome comprised of Mike, guitarist Henry Kaiser, bassist Andy West and drummer Prairie Prince created something wonderfully different from any other Keneally effort (which is really saying something). "This album, and the fact that this band existed," says Mike, "is still kind of a secret." A mere thousand copies were pressed in 1995 and it has never been reissued until now-- one of those records that more people have heard of than actually heard.

It would be futile to attempt to describe this music, except to note that it's a bravely unsettling concoction born of rambunctious rock n' roll interplay, the peculiar contributions of four legendarily talented musicians and even a bit of poetry. Guitar Player magazine suggested that we "consider this all-star aggregate the new Traveling Wilburys-- roaming the underground and armed with automatic weapons."

The download includes pdf scans of all original artwork (including the CD itself!), along with new liner notes by Mike. And now there are two types of downloads available:

MP3: A 126.9MB zip file containing high-quality (256k variable bit rate) mp3 audio files, compatible with all mp3 players. Our mp3s provide excellent sound for most uses. The files are DRM-free, meaning that there is no anti-copying code buried in them (we trust you).

FLAC: A much larger zip file (451.2MB, roughly four times the size of our mp3s) that offers CD-quality sound, the FLAC format is for experienced users and requires additional software. The FLAC format is not supported by iTunes or Windows Media Player. More information about FLAC can be found here:

Songs on The Mistakes download are:

  • Put The Bass In The Middle Of My Head
  • Aye-Aye Monster
  • Haiku Andy
  • Island Of Lost Luggage
  • Nests
  • Career Politicians
  • Haiku Henry
  • Ennui (Prelude)
  • Transmogrification Of Chili (Ennui)
  • Warm Papaya
  • Shoko
  • Waiting On Williams
  • Hai Kuneally
  • Hot Cakes Or Abbatoir?
  • A Plethora Of Pinatas
  • Assembly Language
  • Sirenita The Greek
  • Baby Blues
  • Prince Poem
  • The Mistakes Vs. Dropped D