Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins "Dancing Tour '01" T-Shirt

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(Limited to stock on hand-- these shirts will not be reprinted.) Previously only available at MK/BFD shows, this tasty number was sold out long before phase one of the Dancing Tour '01 tour ended. Modeled here by sax n' flute maestro Evan Francis outside a cheesy, bug-infested motel in North Attleboro, MA (but that's another story), this heavy-duty, 100% cotton pre-shrunk T-shirt features a witty variation on the popular Atticus Wolrab cherryhearts design. On the front, you'll find a slightly abstract red-and-white rendition of the logo, along with the simple words "DANCING | TOUR | '01." And the shirt's reverse is all business-- Mike and the band's name in bigass letters, accented by tiny cherryhearts, with the Dolphin roll call beneath in proud-yet-modest lower case: mike keneally, bryan beller, nick d'virgilio, evan francis, rick musallam, tricia williams and marc ziegenhagen. Punctuating the entire statement is the beloved skating devil Exowax Recordings logo. Clearly, the Dancing Tour '01 T-Shirt says as much about you as it does about MK/BFD. This great garment goes far beyond merely mumbling "I was there;" it trumpets to the world that you are a shredding, super-sharp shirt showman. No wonder Bassboy Bryan Beller calls this sassy number his favoritist Exo-Shirt ever!