Mike Keneally "The Scambot Holiday Special" (Download)

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(Released in 2008.)

A fourteen-and-a-half minute ornament for any holiday season, written, produced and performed by Mike Keneally. Contains two new songs, "Holiday Face" (recorded specifically for this project) and "Salve-Dependent Scorpions" (an alternate take from the Scambot trilogy), framed by three short narrative pieces (as they might have appeared on some surreal alternate-universe '60s TV holiday special).

The price includes this audio download and a short PDF file with artwork and notes.

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Happy holidays!

The tracks on The Scambot Holiday Special are:

  • The Quest
  • Holiday Face
  • The Swordfight
  • Salve-Dependent Scorpions*
  • The Owl

* also featuring Evan Francis on alto sax, Rick Musallam on guitar, Bryan Beller on bass and Joe Travers on drums.

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