Mike Keneally "Nonkertalk" (Download)

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(Released in 1999.)

This is the rare second CD originally included in 1999's long-sold out two-CD Nonkertompf Special Edition of 500. By popular demand (and the gracious permission of MK fans who originally bought the Special Edition), downloadable digital copies of the original Nonkertalk pressing are now available for purchase.

Nonkertalk features a 40-minute conversation between Mike and Exowax CEO Scott Chatfield about the making of Nonkertompf. Beneath the voices are different mixes and alternate takes that illustrate and underscore what is being discussed. Occasionally, the interview stops completely for an interlude of music not included on Nonkertompf. Nonkertalk is topped off by a short QuickTime video, "ClickFlick," playable on most computers. It shows Mike in the studio recording the song "Click" (some owners of the original CD are, to this day, unaware of the video's existence!).

Nonkertalk's tracks:

  • Making love to Jewel
  • Nonkertalk
  • Hiding in front of you
  • Nonkertalk
  • Buzzbomb creeper
  • Nonkertalk
  • A little break
  • Nonkertalk
  • Clumpy clumpy banjo
  • ClickFlick [video]