Mike Keneally "Vai Piano Reductions Vol. 1"

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(Released in 2004. Read the All Music Guide review.)

One of Mike's biggest admirers, Steve Vai, asked Mike to arrange and record a new release featuring Mike's astounding and moving solo piano renditions of Vai's music.

"I believe that Mike Keneally is one of the most creative and gifted musicians God has graced us with," says Steve in the liner notes of this beautiful package. "I have witnessed him do things on various instruments (at the same time occasionally) that defy reality, and though his technical command of his instruments is extraordinary, it's the profound voice of his inner ear that is truly the trump card of his brilliance. How could I have been so fortunate that he accepted to take on this project?" <p? on="" piano="" reductions,="" you'll="" enjoy="" nearly="" an="" hour="" of="" 11="" unique="" mk="" arrangements="" steve's="" best-loved="" songs.="" it's="" not="" in="" stores--="" only="" available="" online="" here="" at="" moosemart="" or="" steve="" vai's="" website!="" <p=""> Track list:

  • All About Eve
  • Die To Live
  • Salamanders In The Sun
  • Bledsoe Bluvd
  • Ballerina 12/24
  • Touching Tongues
  • Dyin' Day
  • Kill The Guy With The Ball/The God Eaters
  • Sisters
  • Pig
  • Junkie