Keneally 4 Sale Pack

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A special package deal on Mike's first four Exowax CDs: four for the price of three! Included are Nonkertompf, Dancing, Wooden Smoke and Dog, four critically praised albums that exemplify Keneally's astounding musical diversity. Each sounds completely different from the other, yet it's obvious that they've all unmistakably flowed from the muse of Mr. K. The Keneally 4 Sale Pack is a great opportunity to complete your collection or invite a friend to experience Mike's particular brand of head-rippage. All-in-all, you'll get 80 songs, a full 256 minutes of musical genius, including the tracks "Live In Japan," "Louie," "Skull Bubbles," "2001," "Self 'n' Other," "Father's Day," "Backwards Deb," "Splane," "Click" and dozens more.