Mike Keneally "Wine And Pickles"

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(Released in 2008. Read the All Music Guide review.)



studio recordings 1998-2006

being a collection of unreleased things, rarities and allsorts from the last several years or so

[Four stars] "Keneally's guitar work is of the highest order, and his shrewd production values hold true in the most informal settings. From structured rock tunes to solo piano improvisations and orchestral interludes, he consistently leads the way with studied and earnest musicianship. Keneally's standout guitar, vocal and production skills all come together on beautifully arranged tracks like 'Feelin' Strangely.' His postmodern approach allows for a bold assimilation of influences, as evidenced by the dynamic closing track, 'The Endings Of Things.' Keneally is sustaining the Zappa legacy as well as anyone in music today. Frank would be proud."

--DownBeat, October 2008

See below for a free song download!

Mike describes Wine And Pickles as "the album I didnt know I was making over the last ten years." Lovingly assembled from a wide array of archived sources, W&P serves as a surprisingly cohesive alternative history of Keneally music. Notable among the 21 gems are the legendary original version of "Backwards Deb;" "4S," a piece written for Holland's acclaimed Metropole Orchestra; "Inhale," a gorgeously melodic collaboration with Lyle Workman; and "The Endings Of Things," a stark, confessional performance from 2000's Dancing sessions. The CD contains an eight-page booklet with Mike's original artwork, pithy personal notes about each song, and lyrics.

Wine And Pickles' songs:

  • 2CTV (from Court TV sessions, 1999)
  • Feelin' Strangely (from Dog sessions, 2003)
  • Li'l (Signature Sound version) (from Dog sessions, 2003)
  • Backwards Deb (3rd person) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)
  • Bubble Creek (from Dog sessions, 2003)
  • Never Ever Wrong (from Dog sessions, 2003)
  • Unused Hum (from Nonkertompf sessions, 1998)
  • I Heard About What You Said (from Court TV sessions, 1999)
  • Inhale (with Lyle Workman) (from Tabula Rasa, 2000)
  • 4S (demo for orchestral piece, 2005 - 2006)
  • Skull Bubbles (uncut) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)
  • Stop For Flashing Red Light, Part One (solo recording, 2004)
  • Lonely Man (studio) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)
  • Selfish Otter (uncut) (from Dancing sessions, 2000)
  • A Concise Piano Statement (from Wooden Smoke sessions, 2001)
  • AeroDef (limited edition single release, 2002)
  • Kevorkian 3 (from Court TV sessions, 1999)
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill (from 156 Strings, 2002)
  • Paloma (alternate version) (from Wooden Smoke sessions, 2001)
  • Kevorkian 17 (from Court TV sessions, 1999)
  • The Endings Of Things (from Dancing sessions, 2000)
Mike Keneally with Lyle Workman
Click here for your free download from Wine And Pickles

Here's a wonderful complete song that you can download for free to get an idea of what Wine And Pickles sounds like (although there's an embarrassment of variety on the album). It's track 9 (a high-quality 256k VBR mp3 and a 12.3 MB zip file download) directly from the master, and we hope you'll want to hear more.

Mike describes the genesis of the track: "Lyle [Workman] composed, performed and produced the instrumental backing track by himself, then asked me to write a vocal part for it. His track was so fantastic, I could hear the vocal parts screaming at me just listening to it and I had the lyrics and melody written inside of a couple of hours. It was recorded in 1998, and released in 2000 on Lyles brilliant second album. Ive gently begged Lyle to record an albums worth of killer instrumental tracks that I can stick vocals on, but hes been busy providing the soundtrack to the Judd Apatow cinematic empire-- and good on him Lyle is entirely a genius and a sweet man and deserves all great things."